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Tips To Decorating Your First Home

Moving to a new place can be exciting yet overwhelming especially if this is your first move away from the comforts of your family home. For some, it is a huge step towards adulthood – no more mum picking up after you or dad telling you to help around the house. Others take this as …

Best Digital Fabrication Inspirations – Vol. I

New technology is paving the way for designers and digital fabricators world wide. We’ve scoured the world wide web for some inspirations from the amazing world of digital fabrication. Enjoy!

Jira, Rafa & Motor Skills

  Another area of development to encourage this year is fine motor skills—or use of the hands. Just as gross motor skills enable your child to perform important everyday tasks, such as getting out of bed and going downstairs for breakfast, fine motor abilities allow for increasing independence in smaller but equally significant matters: opening …